Best Slipcovers for your Recliner

December 29th, 2008 in Recliner Slipcovers /

When purchasing the best slipcover for your recliner keep in mind how much you might want to spend on it, the quality, size, and the cleaning and maintenance of the slipcover. Whether you can only spend about 50 bucks on a recliner cover or over 100 bucks, I will help you pick out the best slipcover for your money.

Wal-mart is a pretty reasonable place to purchase a slipcover from. If you do not have a local Wal-Mart you can use their website to buy it. Wal-Mart has some high rated brand slipcovers by the name of “Stretch Royal Diamond”. These slipcovers are made out of a plush material that will leave you feeling comfortable all day. The plush material is in a pattern of a diamond that will give any room a more traditional feel. These covers are very soft to the touch, and will stretch over some of the hardest to fit furniture. These recliner slipcovers cost about 90 dollars and are machine washable. You should tumble dry them on low. And as I stated they are Wal-Mart’s high rated recliner slipcovers.

“CNS Sofas” is another popular place you might want to purchase your recliner slipcover from. CNS “SureFit” covers are a little less expensive than the “Stretch Royal Diamond” from Wal-mart but are still of good quality. SureFit covers have a waffled textured fabric that is made out of polyester and spandex that makes covering your recliner pretty easy. These slipcovers also have cup openings, left pockets, and a separate part for the footrest on the recliner. SureFits will go over all standard sized recliners, available in a lot of colors, and are machine washable.

The “Maurice Stretch Recliner” is available in 4 colors such as gold, dove, chocolate, and chanti to go well in all colored rooms. The fabric is made out of cotton and polyester and has a diamond weave pattern. This recliner slipcover also has a hole on the left for the recliner handle. These slipcovers are 80 dollars.

Lastly there is a “Stretch Rib” brand that is available on many online stores and is also available at most of your retail stores - Target for example. These slipcovers come in 4 pieces for your recliner and will fit over most mid-size recliner seats. These covers are available in brown and tan to go well in any room in your house. These slipcovers are also machine washable and they are made out of polyester and spandex like many others. It has a hole for the handle and a pocket for the remote control. These covers will go well over Strato lounger, Lane, and La-Z-Boy recliners.

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