How To Clean Your Recliner

December 29th, 2008 in Cleaning & Maintenance /

Now that you have purchased your recliner or recliner covers you will need to know how to take care of them to make your furniture look nice and to last longer. Whether your recliner material is made out of leather, cloth, or any other material you know how to clean it yourself without having to come too much out of your pocket.

Most recliner slipcovers nowadays are very easy to take care of. All you have to do is take them off and throw them into the washing machine. If you did not buy a slip cover to protect the upholstery on your recliner then you can use the following to clean and take care of your recliner upholstery.

Cleaning Cloth Material

1. Make sure that you remove all of the cushions that are loose.

2. You will have to get rid of the loose dirt by using a brush or a vacuum that has a brush attachment that goes with it.

3. Make sure you vacuum all of the surfaces on the recliner making sure you get in the side, back, arms, and cracks.

4. Vacuum the cushions to and then replace them back on the recliner.

5. You can use a mild detergent but make sure that it does not have bleach or whiteners in it. Add one-fourth cup of detergent with some warm water. Use a hand blender or a mixer so that you can create suds from the mixture. You will have to make suds because this is what you will be cleaning the upholstery with.

6. With a soft cloth or sponge apply the suds to the material and lightly scrub over it. You will see the dirt come up in the suds.

7. Use a dry towel to remove the suds and the extra moisture.

8. Lastly allow the furniture to dry overnight.

To Clean Leather Upholstery

1. Use a mild facial soap with warm water to clean your leather upholstery. Use a soft rag that will not harm your furniture. When cleaning make sure you really pay attention to the headrest and the arm rest where most of the dirt and body oils will accumulate.

2. Rinse with lukewarm or cool water and dry off with a towel.
3. When cleaning leather make sure that you use distilled water so that the chemicals in regular tap water will not cause any discolorations.

4. After you cleaned and rinsed the leather wipe it off with a white towel to make sure that you know it is clean.

5. Every now and then you can apply one part vinegar and two parts of linseed oil to clean your furniture.

When you are done cleaning your leather upholstery it will be a good idea to apply a leather protectant to your furniture. Wipe up the spills as you make them, do not wait until they have embedded in the material. Never use baby oil on your furniture or baby wipes on your leather.

If these cleaning techniques do not work for the material on your furniture or recliner then you can search the internet for more or hire a professional that will clean your furniture. Just make sure you read the manufacturers instructions and make sure you take extra cautions when putting substances on your recliner upholstery.

Best Slipcovers for your Recliner

December 29th, 2008 in Recliner Slipcovers /

When purchasing the best slipcover for your recliner keep in mind how much you might want to spend on it, the quality, size, and the cleaning and maintenance of the slipcover. Whether you can only spend about 50 bucks on a recliner cover or over 100 bucks, I will help you pick out the best slipcover for your money.

Wal-mart is a pretty reasonable place to purchase a slipcover from. If you do not have a local Wal-Mart you can use their website to buy it. Wal-Mart has some high rated brand slipcovers by the name of “Stretch Royal Diamond”. These slipcovers are made out of a plush material that will leave you feeling comfortable all day. The plush material is in a pattern of a diamond that will give any room a more traditional feel. These covers are very soft to the touch, and will stretch over some of the hardest to fit furniture. These recliner slipcovers cost about 90 dollars and are machine washable. You should tumble dry them on low. And as I stated they are Wal-Mart’s high rated recliner slipcovers.

“CNS Sofas” is another popular place you might want to purchase your recliner slipcover from. CNS “SureFit” covers are a little less expensive than the “Stretch Royal Diamond” from Wal-mart but are still of good quality. SureFit covers have a waffled textured fabric that is made out of polyester and spandex that makes covering your recliner pretty easy. These slipcovers also have cup openings, left pockets, and a separate part for the footrest on the recliner. SureFits will go over all standard sized recliners, available in a lot of colors, and are machine washable.

The “Maurice Stretch Recliner” is available in 4 colors such as gold, dove, chocolate, and chanti to go well in all colored rooms. The fabric is made out of cotton and polyester and has a diamond weave pattern. This recliner slipcover also has a hole on the left for the recliner handle. These slipcovers are 80 dollars.

Lastly there is a “Stretch Rib” brand that is available on many online stores and is also available at most of your retail stores - Target for example. These slipcovers come in 4 pieces for your recliner and will fit over most mid-size recliner seats. These covers are available in brown and tan to go well in any room in your house. These slipcovers are also machine washable and they are made out of polyester and spandex like many others. It has a hole for the handle and a pocket for the remote control. These covers will go well over Strato lounger, Lane, and La-Z-Boy recliners.

Shipping Your Lazy Boy Recliner

December 16th, 2008 in Adjustments & Repairs, Used Recliners /

If you are moving or shipping your lazy boy recliner, you will want to take the proper precautions so it is not damaged in the move. The reclining mechanism makes moving your recliner more complicated than simply moving a chair and you can cause serious damage if you are not careful.

First consider that your recliner weighs more than a stationary chair so you must be careful when lifting it. Always lift it from the sides of the bottom and not by the back and foot rest which could damage the reclining mechanism.

There are certain steps you can take to prepare your recliner for shipping or moving that will help reduce the risk of damage. First you might want to consider removing the handle if it might get caught or broken in shipping your recliner. You should find an allen head or torx head screw holding it to the shaft. You will have to loosen or remove this and perhaps give the handle a twist anti-clockwise to loosen it off. Be careful when twisting the handle particularly if it is a wooden one as they can sometimes crack or split.

You can also remove the back on several models of lazy boy recliners. You should be able to locate the back brackets on the outside of the back from for most recliner models. The Lazy Boy Classics Low Profile Recliner and the High Leg Recliner back brackets are located on the inside of the back frame. These brackets have a small locking lever that is pushed down to lock the back in place. On some models you will have to lift the upholstery material which could be held in place with fastening tape in order to locate the brackets.

Once you have located the back brackets and the locking levers, you will have to lift the locking lever about 45 to 60 degrees to unlock the back on both sides. You may need to use long nosed pliers to open the locking lever. Be sure to pull it carefully to avoid bending it. You should then be able to slide the back straight up to remove it from the recliner.

To replace the back first ensure that the locking lever is fully opened and slide the back straight down into the bracket ensuring that both sides are properly engaged. You can then use a screwdriver to push the locking lever back down into its locking position. Do not operate the unit until the back is properly installed and in the locked position.

Buying A Used Lazy Boy Recliner

December 16th, 2008 in Used Recliners /

If you are planning on purchasing a second hand Lazy Boy recliner, or even an “as is” or clearance item from an authorized Lazy Boy dealer, your purchase will not carry the Limited Lifetime Warranty available from Lazy Boy. You may or not be able to purchase replacement parts for your recliner if it is a discontinued model. However, you may still find a good deal even if you take these issues into consideration.

Since the recliner has several moving parts, you would be strongly advised to try it out first before you buy. Buying a recliner over the Internet or sight unseen can be risky. Remember that your recliner could also be damaged in shipping and you will want to take special care that it arrives at your home in the same condition as you tested it out.

When you test out a used lazy boy recliner you may find the reclining mechanism too stiff or too loose. This is something that might be very easily adjusted even though it might have an impact on the price that the seller is asking. If you can, you may want to try adjusting the tension to see if this is a simple fix or something more seriously wrong with the reclining mechanism.

Several companies sell slipcovers for Lazy Boy recliners and small problems with the upholstery may be easily fixed by purchasing a new slipcover. If the recliner you are considering purchasing already has a slipcover, be sure to remove it to see if the original upholstery is in good condition. Check with your local reupholsterers to see if they can reupholster your recliner at a reasonable price. A used lazy boy recliner with a good frame and reclining mechanism may still be a bargain if you can get it reupholstered.

The backs on most lazy boy recliners can be removed for shipping purchases. The clips that hold the back in place may not be properly engaged on the recliner you are considering purchasing. Again this could be an easy fix if the seller is selling because they think the back is broken on their recliner.

Naturally you should beware of any recliner that shows signs of abuse or abnormal use, excessive soiling or improper cleaning or maintenance. If the recliner has been well cared for and you continue to maintain it then you may find a bargain out there that still has several years of use left.

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Lazy Boy Warranty Explained

December 16th, 2008 in Limited Lifetime Warranty /

The Lazy Boy recliner limited warranty is one of the best in the furniture industry and includes lifetime warranty for several of their products’ mechanical parts - including reclining mechanisms, sleep sofa mechanisms, springs and spring systems, swivel base and wood frame parts. Remember, the lifetime warranty applies to the parts only and labor costs are usually only covered for a year.

Only the person who originally purchased the lazy boy recliner from an authorized Lazy Boy dealer is covered by the Lazy Boy limited lifetime warranty. If you bought your recliner second hand then the warranty cannot be transferred. You should ensure that you are buying your recliner from a Lazy Boy authorized dealer if you want to take advantage of the warranty. Some dealers may also offer an extended warranties from companies like Wear Dated, Dupont or StainSafe.

The warranty is also limited to material and manufacturing defects that occur under normal indoor residential use. The warranty does not cover furniture used for rental, commercial, institutional or other non-residential use. If the furniture shows any signs of abnormal use, excessive soiling, improper cleaning or treatment then your warranty is void.

Most warranty claims require that the furniture first be inspected by Lazy Boy to ensure that the repairs are covered by the warranty. You will be responsible for paying any in-home inspection fees, the cost to ship the furniture to and from the dealer and the cost to ship the furniture to and from the Lazy Boy factory. Most repairs do not require the furniture to be returned to the Lazy Boy factory. You will also have to pay any labor costs if the repairs are required after the expiry of the labor coverage period in the warranty (usually one year from the date of purchase).

Not all Lazy Boy parts have a lifetime warranty. The Genesis reclining mechanism found in the Lazy Boy Tulsa Recliner has a ten year warranty, and the sleep sofa mechanism on the Signature Select models have a five year warranty. Fabric and leather is usually covered for one year for manufacturing and material defects only and other materials have warranties ranging from one to ten years.

The Lazy Boy warranty is for the repair, replacement or substitution of the defective part and it is Lazy Boy’s sole discretion which option they will select. The warranty does not provide for any refund of the purchase price. Items purchased “as is” or as clearance items from authorized Lazy Boy dealers are not covered by the Lazy Boy Limited Lifetime Warranty, so make sure you check first before you buy.

To make a claim under the warranty you should contact the authorized dealer where you purchased your Lazy Boy recliner. However, if that dealer is no longer available then you can contact another authorized dealer as long as you still have your original proof of purchase. If you feel that your dealer has not honored the warranty then you can write directly to La-Z-Boy Incorporated’s Consumer Services.

How To Adjust Recliner Tension

December 16th, 2008 in Adjustments & Repairs /

The tension adjustment on a Lazy Boy Recliner allows you to set the tension on the reclining mechanism to best respond to your individual size and strength. If you find it difficult to push back or pull the lever into a reclining position then you may want to reduce the tension. If you are a taller or heavier person then you may want to increase the reclining mechanism tension.

Most lazy boy recliners are equipped with a pair of wing nuts or thumb wheels underneath the seat that let you adjust the reclining mechanism tension. First make sure that the leg rest is closed, then tilt the chair forward so it rests on the tips of its arms and the top of its back so you can see underneath the chair.

On the Reclina-Rocker chair, Reclina-Glider chair and Reclina-Way chair you should see two wing nuts (one on each side) towards the back of the recliner under the seat. The Reclina-Glider Swivel Recliner has two thumb wheels instead of wing nuts but they can be adjusted in the same manner.

On the Lazy Boy Classics Low Profile and High Leg recliner with 3-position mechanism you should see the two wing nuts (one on each side) toward the center of the recliner under the seat.

It is important to adjust both sides equally and to just make small adjustments (about one quarter of a turn) until you feel comfortable. To increase the reclining tension turn the wing nuts or thumb wheels clockwise one quarter turn on both sides. To decrease the tension turn the wing nuts or thumb wheels counter-clockwise one quarter turn on both sides. Return the chair to its upright position and test the new setting. Repeat the steps listed here if more adjustment is required.

Never tighten or loosen the adjustment wing nuts or thumb wheels all the way or you may damage the tension spring. The spring should not move on the bolt after making the adjustments. If it does, make sure you turn the wing nut or thumb wheel clockwise a minimum of one half turn after tightening it so the spring no longer moves. Nor should the spring be completely compressed after making your adjustments. If this occurs, loosen the wing nuts or thumb wheels a minimum of one half a turn counter-clockwise to avoid damaging the tension spring.

Remember to always adjust both wing nuts or thumb wheels equally.

Lazy Boy Recliners - Slipcovers

December 16th, 2008 in Recliner Slipcovers /

With proper maintenance your Lazy Boy Recliner can last several years. As a result, you may want to update its look if you redecorate the room or replace your other furniture. Recliner slipcovers are an easy way to rejuvenate your lazy boy recliner.

Most recliner slipcovers come in one piece and four piece designs and are usually designed for the lever installed on the right hand side and a continuous leg rest. The four piece design includes separate pieces for the back, each of the two arms and one piece that covers the seat and the continuous leg rest. The SureFit slipcovers are made of stretch and recover material and include a pocket for magazines, remote control, etc. on the left hand side.

The slipcovers can come in medium and large sizes. A medium size recliner slipcover will fit a recliner that measures 82 to 88 inches around the entire back at about shoulder height. If your recliner measures more than this then you should order the large slipcover.

If the padding material in your recliner is wearing a bit thin or the arms are hard you can add a layer or two of polyester batting, which you can find at a craft or fabric store, over the arms before installing the slipcover. If you are putting a slipcover on a leather recliner then you may want to add some non-skid rug pad material, which you can find at many home stores, between the leather surface and the slipcover. This will help ensure that your slipcover stays in place.

Recliner slipcovers come in many colors and materials like faux suede, chenille and soft weave canvas. Most use an upholstery weight material combined with spandex to allow the material to stretch and recover as required to give you a smooth, fitted look.

To remove wrinkles from your slipcover, simply remove it and place it in the dryer on a low heat setting along with a damp hand towel. After a few minutes remove the slipcover and put it back on your recliner. The result should be a smooth looking, wrinkle-free cover.

Whether you want to protect your new lazy boy recliner from spills or bring an older recliner back to life, recliner slipcovers are an excellent, inexpensive way to protect and rejuvenate your investment.

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Recliner Styles & Room Planning

December 16th, 2008 in Recliner Styles /

The Lazy Boy Recliner has been a staple in North American homes since they were first introduced in the 1920’s. With nearly 100 different styles and a comfort that is hard to match with stationary furniture it isn’t hard to see why.

Lazy Boy Recliners can be upholstered in either fabric or leather. You can even provide Lazy Boy with your own material and they will upholster your recliner to fit your room’s design scheme. If you want to use your own material it must be approved by Lazy Boy and this option is only available for recliners and not for sofas, love seats or modular groupings. The material must be 54 inches wide and have a plain pattern and cannot be quilted, striped or require any pattern matching.

Lazy Boy Recliner styles range from traditional to modern. There is the art deco inspired Carlyle Recliner with its exposed maple veneer arms, the Chippendale styled Ferguson Recliner and the classic Queen Anne styled Jennings Recliner to name just a few. You are sure to find a recliner style that matches the other stationary furniture in your room.

Lazy Boy even provides you with a Room Planner on their website where you can enter the dimensions of your room and try out various furniture layouts. They include generic furniture pieces as well as their full line of recliners, sofas, chairs, ottomans, sectionals and love seats. It is a great way to see which pieces of furniture will fit best into your room before you buy. You can save your plans for future reference and print them. You will find Lazy Boy’s Room Planner useful even if you are not planning on purchasing Lazy Boy furniture.

Some of the dealers can offer you the ScreenTest or Kaleidoscope Systems which will let you view the different combinations of frame styles and fabrics that Lazy Boy produces or that can be special ordered for you. This will give a quick impression of the options available but remember it is still best to view the actual fabric swatches to make sure the colors match your design scheme.

One interesting option that Lazy Boy provides for special order on certain recliner models is to move the handle to the left side of the chair. This can be useful if you are left handed or simply want the handle on the other side of your recliner because of the furniture placement in your room.

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